How to sell more on Amazon

Unknown-1Stop lowering your price to nothing

It seems that the only way that most sellers think that they can sell more on Amazon is by lowering the price. I see it countless times. An item starts out at 19.95 and then more sellers start to sell the product and it goes to 19.90- then 19.75. Eventually,  it ends at $10.00. What’s the whole point? The only person who makes money is Amazon. If you simply MATCH the lowest price then there’s a possibility that other sellers will simply do the same. No one wants to sell their products for cost.

Choose products wisely

I like to choose products to sell that are not allowed to be sold under MSRP. Yes- there are manufacturers out there that actually police their products and those are the companies that I prefer to do business with.  I also don’t like to sell a companies products if they sell directly to Amazon because I know that Amazon will eventually call that company and demand exclusivity. That’s what Amazon does. They use their 3rd party merchants to find out what is selling, then they start selling it. They then somehow squeeze the original 3rd party sellers out. In my opinion, any manufacturer who sells directly to Amazon is an idiot. I’ve had several products that I started out selling and Amazon didn’t sell them. Then Amazon starts selling them and they lower the prices to nothing and it cheapens the brand. Eventually, the market gets flooded with that product and no one wants to buy it anymore.

Sell unique products

So you look at the bestselling products on Amazon and you try to sell those exact products- that’s smart right? Do you really think that you’re the only one who does that? Find SIMILAR products to what is selling well on Amazon. For example, the top selling hair straightener on Amazon is and HSI Hair straightener. Find a less expensive hair straightener that no one else is selling and put “HSI Hair straightener” in the keyword search spot on your listing. Black tennis skirt by Champion is a top seller? I bet a grey Champion tennis skirt will sell just as well.

Create your own listings

Don’t sell under Amazon listings, create your own. Don’t be part of a rotation. Buy your own upc codes and create your own listing with the same products if it already exists on Amazon.


Do you know what people are searching for? Use to find out exactly what words to put in for your keywords. It’s well worth the 9.95 a month.

Crazy customers

drive-you-crazyI have worked retail for many years and have met a lot of people. For the most part, people are good. Most people are honest. Having said that, nothing prepared me for the type of people that I have dealt with on Amazon. Obviously, selling on Amazon puts you in touch with a larger range of people and some of these people are absolutely crazy. My heart bleeds for the customer service people at Amazon who deal with this all day long because I have a hard time dealing with these people on a much smaller scale. For example, I’ve had this head-case woman emailing me for days. She accused me of selling counterfeit products. She first reported me to Amazon, Amazon reviewed my invoices and contacted my suppliers. I proved that my products were authentic and Amazon closed the case. But no this wasn’t good enough for this customer. She’s has literally been emailing me all day long with insults and accusations. I don’t know why I bothered but I contacted Amazon. I just got one of those stupid template email responses telling me to “use my better judgement” and that “they’re always here for their merchants” Such a joke.




pretty package-resized-600.jpg

Every package that you send out should look like it came from your company not from Amazon. There are a lot of shoppers out there that shop so much that they can’t remember where they bought from. When their order arrives, make them remember you. The box should have your company name on it, it should be wrapped in paper and with your company logo on it. Amazon doesn’t allow you to place promotional materials in the box but you can still let them know where their order came from. It won’t happen every time, but I’ve received many reviews on how nice the packaging was on their orders. If your website name is on the box, they may visit you directly and that’s the whole point isn’t it?

Buyer fraud


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shutterstock- bury your head in the sand

In 3 years, I have yet to have an A to Z claim that wasn’t clearly fraud. I don’t have it in me to just give in to a thief. On occasion, you’ll have a customer who doesn’t receive their package even though tracking shows that they received it. As a seller, you quickly learn how to tell who’s lying and and who really didn’t receive their package.  When someone has a problem, as a professional seller, you just resolve it. When it reeks like fraud, it eats at you and you feel compelled to fight it.

Scenerio 1

Dear seller,

I purchased a pair of jeans on June 2nd. I tracked the order and it shows that my package was delivered on June 6th. It’s now June 14th but I haven’t received it. Can you resend the package? 

Scenerio 2

I purchased a pair of jeans on June 2nd, I tracked the order and it says that it was delivered yesterday, I didn’t receive it. I want a full refund immediately or I’m filing an A to Z claim!!!! 

Which scenario do you think is the fraud and which one of the honest customer?  Sometimes a package has been delivered and maybe someone else in the house kicked it aside- things happen!  I like to think that most people are honest but having said that, there are a lot of assholes out there. When a customer threatens an A to Z claim immediately without giving you a chance to find out what happened, they’re just riding the A to Z choo choo train. They know that Amazon sellers are terrified of getting an A to Z claim because Amazon docks them for it.  There are people out there furnishing their homes for free and clothing their family for free with Amazons A to Z claims. Amazon ALWAYS backs the buyers. I think that their A to Z policy will be what brings down Amazon.

Many of the products that I sell are over $100. I sell about 15 different brands but 90% of my fraud is with 2 brands. They’re both women’s jean brands. My bestselling item is a $300 non clothing item and (knock on wood!) I’ve never had one missing with tracking showing that they received it. I’m not going to reveal the brands that I sell, for obvious reasons, but  I can tell you that it’s the same type of people that are lying thieves. After selling for a while now, here are the people that I find to be dishonest

Miami, Florida

I don’t care what you order from Miami but you are signing for it. Whether you buy a $10 pair of earrings or $150 pair of jeans, you are going to sign at delivery. 75% (yes, 75%) of orders that go to Miami, conveniently disappear and I don’t want the aggravation.  I’m not going to be politically correct here so I don’t have a problem saying that most of my headaches stem from the beautiful city of Miami. If you’re one of those 5 honest people that live in Miami, don’t send me hate mail, get an alarm.


If someones name sounds foreign, request a signature. I’m not suggesting that all foreigners are dishonest, I’m suggesting that it’s not fun to have to use a translator tool when there’s a problem with a package. Many people in the US can’t speak English but somehow they manage to pronounce the words ” A to Z claim”

People with champagne taste but make beer money

These people prey on new sellers in particular. They know that Amazon always sides with the customer and that they can get all the free designer clothes from Amazon that they can fit into their closet. I had an incident about a month ago where a pair of jeans were delivered 3 days before the earliest estimated delivery date. An hour after delivery, she contacted Amazon and said that she didn’t receive her jeans. Why was she expecting them since they were 3 days early? The carrier noted on the tracking that they handed the package to the woman at the door. I’ve never seen that type of note on USPS tracking before so I have a feeling that this customer has done this often. Of course an A to Z claim followed and the customer won. I insured the package and filed a claim but never got paid because of the carrier noting that he handed it to the customer at her door.

It’s aggravating  but it’s the price that you pay for selling on Amazon I guess.

Selling my soul to Amazon

I have had an online clothing store for 6 years . 3 years ago I decided to add my products to the Amazon marketplace to add to my online sales. I was doing well without Amazon but thought I could do better with them. After a tedious approval process, I was approved to sell clothing and shoes. When I first started, Amazon wasn’t selling any of the products that I was selling. Eventually that changed. I learned that once you start selling a product on Amazon and Amazon finds that your product is selling well, they contact that manufacturer and start selling the same product. So now, aside from giving Amazon 15% of your sales (+15% shipping cost) now they are competing with me. As a small company, manufacturers held me to strict MSRP guidelines but Amazon was now selling the same products as me at well below MSRP.  I thought that it was really dumb on the manufacturers part to sell to Amazon but who am I? Why would they sell to a company that now floods the market with their product and sells at way below MSRP. Then one day, I received a phone call from the manufacturer Sanctuary. They no longer would sell to me if I continued to sell on Amazon. I was shocked. First of all, Sanctuary wasn’t a hot seller for me so I certainly wasn’t going to lose sleep over it. But how could they not allow me to sell on Amazon when they sell TO Amazon. My rep at Sanctuary told me “off the record” that Amazon contacted Sanctuary and told them that they wanted exclusivity and that Amazon wouldn’t sell their clothes anymore unless Sanctuary stopped selling to me (amongst other sellers…I’m not that special) I told Sanctuary that I wasn’t interested in buying their product anymore and clearances out everything that I had left from them.

A month ago, I received a phone call from my top selling brand.( I won’t name them because I’d like to sell their products again in the future.) This brand will no longer sell to me because I sell on Amazon.  They are ruining me. In the 3 years that I’ve been selling professionally on Amazon, my sales on my website have dwindled to nothing. My customers now buy from me through Amazon instead of directly on my website. I spend most of my time processing Amazon orders and fighting the A to Z guarantee fraud that eats at my profits (more on that in my next post) Amazon has slowly turned me into one of their employees. The money is good on Amazon but at any given time, they could suspend your privileges and bankrupt you. I’ve read about countless people who not only lose their privileges but Amazon then holds all of their money for 90 days.

The whole point of this blog is to sell proactively on Amazon. What if Amazon stopped allowing 3rd party merchants? Then what? All 3rd party sellers need to build their own brand through Amazon and not just sell on Amazon


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