How to Sell on

Are you looking to...

  • Pay off credit card debt?

  • Bring in extra income?

  • Save for a vacation or special purchase?

  • Fund a small business endeavor?

If you answered "YES," then you need to keep reading because the details you need on how to sell on Amazon are explained, below.

You know there are scams and frauds are out there claiming you can make money working at home. This is not one of those offers.  Instead, it's a promise that guarantees you will make money when you learn how to sell on Amazon. 

You are hearing about this "how to sell on Amazon" guarantee now so you can see that someone who is an experienced Amazon seller is 100% committed to helping you make money as she teaches you how to sell on Amazon.

Look at What Can Be Sold

Do you have things around your house that you would like to sell?  Perhaps you have toys that your kids no longer want.  Maybe you're doing a little spring cleaning and have some clutter that you feel how real value and you simply don't want to toss in the trash.  All of these types of items can and do bring you money! You just need to know how to sell on Amazon to get them sold! 

What I sell on Amazon is endless.  It can be anything from books, video games, and even a used laptop (no kidding!).  Just take a look at the list, below. 

When you add up only what's on this list it totals over $1,000!
What would you do with $1,000?

As you can see, most of these items show a profit - even after the shipping and commission! Here's an example:


How to Sell on Amazon: The eBook

In the Amazon Seller Secrets: Getting Started eBook, you find step-by-step instructions on how to sell on Amazon. This eBook includes chapters discussing the following:

  • Creating a new Amazon seller account. You must have an Amazon seller account in order to sell. If you already have an Amazon seller account, then you're one-step ahead of the game.

  • Understanding commissions/fees. Unlike eBay where you pay a listing fee plus a commission and other fees, you only pay a commission/fees to Amazon once you sell an item.

  • Listing an item for sale. Find the item you want to sell, find the item for sale on, and you're ready to sell on Amazon!

  • Specifying prices, condition, etc. There's a specific way to set the best price and select the right condition for an item you want to sell on Amazon.

  • Understanding seller ratings. The manner in which you sell on Amazon is reported by those who buy your items.  The better your track record for making sales that are one time for items that are in the condition you describe, the more sales you make.

  • Managing orders. When you sell on Amazon, a seller makes a purchase and the order is sent directly to your inbox. How easy was that?

  • Sending purchased items. Once you get into the swing of how to sell on Amazon and have your sellers shipping area setup, you are ready to begin sending stuff out!

  • Getting paid. YES. This is what it's all about, right?  You want to sell on Amazon to may money.  The question is how will you spend that extra money?

  • Vacation settings. If you need to take a break as an Amazon seller, you can do that with the click of a button.

The Story of How I Sold a Book

I've had this book - sitting in my kitchen - since 2004 (6 years).  I had never used it and it was in good condition.  I wanted to find out where to sell it online, and that's when I learned how to sell on Amazon.  When I was doing my research on what to sell, this is what I found:

There were two listings for the same Amazon book, with different prices.  I listed my Amazon book under both listings for a competitive price.  Two days after I listed this book for sale, it sold - for the lower price of $8.99.  Below is the completed order.

Who knew that I could sell on Amazon and make this kind of money?  I had no idea that to sell on Amazon as an Amazon seller it was this easy and quick! 

Start Making Money NOW!


Best Reasons to Sell on Amazon

Unlike eBay (that charges $.50 cents just to list an item for sale), there is NO MONEY to sell on Amazon.  You don't need any prior knowledge about how to sell on Amazon.  This is because the items you list for sale sell themselves due to Amazon's popularity.  It takes less than 15-minutes in total time to list an item for sale (2-3 minutes), and then ship the item/items out (10 minutes) once the order arrives in your Inbox. 

Here's something interesting I thought you'd like to know:

During the 5 minutes I spent writing this paragraph,
3 of my books sold making me $31.80


One Final Note...

Like you, I have seen (and purchased) many products that promised big returns! THIS IS NOT LIKE THOSE OTHER PRODUCT that show you how to sell on Amazon.  That's because I give you a guarantee that YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.  Here is that guarantee:

Amazon Seller Secrets - Guarantee

Once you learn how to sell on Amazon, you'll find that everything in your home or office becomes a potential moneymaker.  Things you never dreamed about selling now become your key to clearing out stuff (that is probably taking up space) and bringing in money you want and need.  This is the #1 reason why you need to sell on Amazon.

There's really nothing more to say other than use this information to receive the same great financial rewards I did once I learned how to sell on Amazon!

Sharing Life's Abundance,

Amazon Seller Secrets - Author Cindy Brock

Amazon Seller Secrets - Author Cindy Brock

Author, Amazon Seller Secrets

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